IKM labs

Working Group 2, previously called ‘Making the most of information’ has re-named itself ‘IKM labs’ to better reflect its experimental nature. This group plans to use co-constructed workspaces as a means of identifying and problematising key issues and generating interest and debate around them.  It also intends to participate in two interactive workshops each year at which it will present potential new tools and methods to potential users and record the ensuing interaction.  These will generally involve hosting workshop sessions by invitation alongside development related gatherings organised for some other purpose.  However, following a request from the EADI IMWG, the first such workshop is likely to be arranged with a group of librarians working in the development and development research sectors. 

Over the course of the Programme, in collaboration with other agencies, the Working Group also intends to host three ‘blue sky labs’, each in a different continent.  These are intended to bring together experts from outside the development sector, such as psychologists, artists or programmers, to focus on issues of expression and communication across boundaries. 

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