IKM Working Paper on communication

The second IKM Working Paper, Communicating information and knowledge management: challenges and approaches. IKM Emergent Workshop at Healthlink Worldwide, London, on 22-23 October 2007 is now online. It has been written by Deepthi Wickremasinghe, the Information and Knowledge Manager at Healthlink Worldwide, a UK-based specialist health development agency that empowers through communication. It was published in April 2008.


The first IKM Working Paper

The first in the series of IKM Working Papers, Management of knowledge for development: a meta review and scoping study by Julie E. Ferguson, Kingo Mchombu  and Sarah Cummings has now been published. It is a substantial piece of work which sets out the research framework for the IKM Emergent Working Group 3: Management of knowledge.