New member of Working Group 3

Valerie A. Brown, Emeritus Professor and Visiting Fellow, at the Australian National University, is a new member of IKM Emergent’s Working Group 3: Management of knowledge.

Valerie Brown’s research applies integrative methods to exploring the construction of knowledge in generating locally sustainable responses to global social and environmental pressures. Past research programs have addressed the capacity for achieving integrative decision-making in the Local Government sector, the community sector, public health, and the environmental sciences, respectively. Current projects include principles for collaborative engagement for the Murray-Darling Basin; an interactive knowledge management framework for sustainable development in the local government sector; the introduction of sustainable development principles into the national Public Health post-graduate curriculum; and Indigenous communities’ environmental health workforce development.


Scoping study for Working Group 3

Julie Ferguson and Kingo Mchombu are currently undertaking a major scoping study of the field of knowledge management for development which will be completed by the end of 2007. This scoping study provides a meta-review of previous reviews but also is mapping out the main challenges facing the field to act as a basis for further work for the Programme.

On completion, the study will be reviewed by peers both inside and outside the IKM Emergent Programme.

Core aims of knowledge exchange…

On Wednesday 25th September 2007, Mike Powell took part in a Plenary Panel on the ‘The core aims of knowledge exchange and the challenges of using new technologies to meet them’ at the Web 2.0 for Development conference. The conference was organized  by FAO and other partner organizations.

Mike emphasized the importance of ‘knowledge exchange’ rather than ‘information flows’, and the importance of different information environments in support of rural development. He also argues that social bookmarking, as a means of knowledge exchange, ‘does not yet cut the mustard.’

Watch the video here.