Predictability versus emergence in development

Last year IKM teamed up with some participants in the Bridging the Digital Divide Group of projects and members of the Information Systems Group at the Judge Business School to look at the tensions between desires for predictability and control as against unpredictability and emergence.  This started with a critical look at ICT4D research and then broadened out to consider these issues first in relation to development research and then to development management more generally.  The work is planned to continue this yeat with proposals for a book, being led by Mark Thompson and Ineke Buskens, for involvement in the ICTD 2010 conference, which is being hosted by Royal Holloway in London in December, and possibly, meetings with similar interest groups in other countries.

A summary of where we are with the ideas behind this work is now available here

The report by Adnan Rafiq and Nazish Gulzar on the workshop held to explore these issues in September 2009 is now available as IKM Working Paper no 9


IKM Working Paper: Literature review of policy-making as discourse

The fifth IKM Emergent Working Paper Policy-making as discourse: a review of recent knowledge-to-policy literature, written by Harry Jones of Research in Policy and Development (RAPID) and published with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), is online from today. It has been published to coincide with the event Knowledge, policy and power held at ODI at the same time. Continue reading

Studies underway on knowledge management

Working Group 3 ‘Management of knowledge’ currently has four studies underway which will be expected, in final versions, at the end of this year and for publication ealrly in 2009. They cover the following subjects:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of knowledge management strategies – Parallel study I (Joitske Hulsebosch, Sibrenne Wagenaar and Mark Turpin)
  • Impact assessment of knowledge management  – Parallel study II (Serafin Talisayon of CCLFI, The Philippines) 
  • Bridging knowledge divides (Laxmi Pant of the University of Guelph, Canada)
  • The link between knowledge and policy (Nicola Jones, Ajoy Datta, Simon Hearn and Harry Jones of the Research and Policy in Development Programme of the Overseas Development Institute, UK)