IKM Working Paper: Literature review of policy-making as discourse

The fifth IKM Emergent Working Paper Policy-making as discourse: a review of recent knowledge-to-policy literature, written by Harry Jones of Research in Policy and Development (RAPID) and published with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), is online from today. It has been published to coincide with the event Knowledge, policy and power held at ODI at the same time. Continue reading


IKM Working Paper: Bridging knowledge divides

The fourth IKM Working Paper Learning networks for bridging development divides by Laxmi Prasad Pant in now online. The study identifies and characterizes approaches and initiatives to bridging a complex array of knowledge divides in international development, specifically the differences in learning and innovation arising from multiple realities and multiple knowledge of a myriad of stakeholders, from multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations to diaspora communities, civil society organizations (CSOs), and destitute local communities. Continue reading

Calls for Proposals

Working Group 3 of IKM Emergent, focusing on the management of knowledge, has announced three calls for proposal on the following:

3.1 Desk study on bridging knowledge divides
3.2 State of the art literature review on knowledge and policy
3.4a Analysis of the monitoring and evaluation of knowledge

The deadline for all applications is 22 June 2008.