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IKM presentations finally available on-line

We have struggled with learning how to make various presentations made for IKM at different events available off our website.  These will not get many marks for the professionalism of their production but at least they work and you can, if you have enough bandwidth, hear what is being said and see the slides.

Knowledges, Dialogue and Translations : shifting the gaze and practice through traducture, Martha Chinouya and Wangui wa Goro talking at the IKM session at the EADI conference, Geneva, June 2008

Reconciling Multiple knowledges: learning from the field, Valerie Brown talking at the IKM session at the EADI conference, Geneva, June 2008

Multiple Knowledges: views from the IKM programme, Mike Powell speaking at the CTA/IKM/ University of Namibia workshop on Knowledge for Development , Windhoek, November 2009

Working papers and workshop on the use of information derived from participatory methodologies.

I am pleased to say that we have finally got IKM Working Papers 6 and 7 onto our web pages.  Apologies for the delay but very good final drafts had been available on the site for some time, which slightly reduced the urgency of publishing the final versions.  Anyway Working Paper 6  Learning from, promoting and using participation: The case of international development organizations in Kenya by Stephen Kirimi and Eliud Wakwabubi and Working Paper 7 How wide are the Ripples? by Hannah Beardon and Kate Newman are now on site.

This work is being followed up by a workshop at which all the authors will be present, which is being organised in London for the middle of March.  Further information can be found here.

The IKM Emergent website

This IKM blog has been replaced by the IKM Emergent website:

We have kept it online to preserve some of the posts – and because search engines love blogs – but to all extents and purposes it has been replaced by the organisational website.

IKM Working Paper on communication

The second IKM Working Paper, Communicating information and knowledge management: challenges and approaches. IKM Emergent Workshop at Healthlink Worldwide, London, on 22-23 October 2007 is now online. It has been written by Deepthi Wickremasinghe, the Information and Knowledge Manager at Healthlink Worldwide, a UK-based specialist health development agency that empowers through communication. It was published in April 2008.

Discourse, dialogue and translation

Working Group 1 has re-named itself as ‘Discourse, Dialogue and Translation’. It intends to make full use of its members’ experience and local contacts by developing four areas of empirical work with local knowledge processes. These are:

1. Cultural literacy: building on and disseminating existing local experience of development-oriented pedagogy and exploring its potential to transmit local environmental perspectives to the international arena (Para, Brazil – 2008/09);
2. Digital life stories on water: articulating and comparing local knowledge on water in a context of competing strategies for its ownership and management (Costa Rica and Nicaragua – 2008/09);
3. Local Multimedia: organising locally produced multimedia as a local development resource and exploring its potential links to and use by the development sector at other levels (South India and Sri Lanka 2008/10);
4. Research on local knowledge loops: exploring the consequences for local development and for research or more active and appropriate (format, language) reporting of research results to the researched communities (worldwide 2008/10).

In addition, we are still hoping to support the making of a participatory video of a participatory spatial modelling exercise in Burkina Faso. This had been planned for 2007 but had to be delayed because of local unrest.

WG1 intends to draw cross-cutting lessons from this work by conducting an open on-line dialogue about the methodologies experienced in such work and the potential for local discourses, relevant to development, to connect with and influence more formal development discourses.

Translation, interpreted here in its widest sense to include communication across any barrier not simply that of language, is likely to become the key cross-cutting theme of this group. These issues will be pursued using the methodology of a series of linked, co-constructed workspaces.

IKM labs

Working Group 2, previously called ‘Making the most of information’ has re-named itself ‘IKM labs’ to better reflect its experimental nature. This group plans to use co-constructed workspaces as a means of identifying and problematising key issues and generating interest and debate around them.  It also intends to participate in two interactive workshops each year at which it will present potential new tools and methods to potential users and record the ensuing interaction.  These will generally involve hosting workshop sessions by invitation alongside development related gatherings organised for some other purpose.  However, following a request from the EADI IMWG, the first such workshop is likely to be arranged with a group of librarians working in the development and development research sectors. 

Over the course of the Programme, in collaboration with other agencies, the Working Group also intends to host three ‘blue sky labs’, each in a different continent.  These are intended to bring together experts from outside the development sector, such as psychologists, artists or programmers, to focus on issues of expression and communication across boundaries.