Synthesis Report

The half way stage of the programme prompted reflection on a number of levels on what we have done and where the programme is going.  The end result is a Synthesis report, produced in October 2009, which can be downloaded from


Knowledge and development – beyond KM

Mike Powell, Director of IKM Emergent, has written a Letter to the Editor of The Broker in response to an article NGOs learning from experience? Aid as a knowledge industry by journalist, Mariëtte Heres.

In the Letter, Mike argues:

I have much appreciated the attention given to issues of knowledge and how it can be applied to development in recent issues of The Broker. Your contributions on access to knowledge within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, development research policy and knowledge management within NGOs all reflect different aspects of these issues and their complexity and difficulty. I believe they also reflect an alertness in the Netherlands to their importance, which is not as widely appreciated elsewhere.

Core aims of knowledge exchange…

On Wednesday 25th September 2007, Mike Powell took part in a Plenary Panel on the ‘The core aims of knowledge exchange and the challenges of using new technologies to meet them’ at the Web 2.0 for Development conference. The conference was organized  by FAO and other partner organizations.

Mike emphasized the importance of ‘knowledge exchange’ rather than ‘information flows’, and the importance of different information environments in support of rural development. He also argues that social bookmarking, as a means of knowledge exchange, ‘does not yet cut the mustard.’

Watch the video here.